The Ingvar Kamprad Scholarship was founded in 2001

Living expenses

The aim of the scholarship is to support two students enrolled in the Master's degree programme in Industrial Design. The financial support is aimed for students that have difficulties to afford the living costs in Sweden. The scholarship is SEK 100 000 per year (about EUR 10 000), to cover the cost of living and accommodation for ten months, from August to May, during the two years of study. 
The selection will be from the motivation.

Tuition fee

When the Swedish government in 2011 decided to apply tuition fees for non-EU/EEA-students, the Stichting IKEA Foundation established two new scholarships. Each scholarship is SEK 210 000 per year for two years, in order to cover the tuition fees.
The selection will be from the portfolio.

The tuition fees will be paid directly to the University. 


Applications for the scholarships are to be sent to the School of Industrial Design together with the student’s portfolio when applying for the Master´s Programme. 

Information on how to apply and application form is found here

In connection with the Notification of Selection Results, the dean of the Faculty of Engineering will decide on the scholarships.  The decision is sent to the chosen students and published on this website.



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