Master's Programme in Industrial Design

In the Master’s programme you will be focusing on three themes: Living & Behaviour, Form & Technology or Man & Nature. The curriculum will consist of individual industrial design projects, workshops and additional theoretical course subjects.

You will participate in and contribute to the creation of knowledge within the field of design. By organising exhibitions, seminars and workshops you will communicate your work and participate in the public debate. The School of Industrial Design offers you a creative environment with excellent workshop facilities. As part of a full faculty university, we can offer great opportunities for a multidisciplinary approach through co-operation with other faculties.

After the Master’s degree you will be well prepared to continue these discussions in whatever capacity you choose to work, such as designer, entrepreneur, design coordinator or researcher, in the public or private sectors, in a team or as an individual. Lund University is Scandinavia’s largest research and education centre, situated in the Öresund region. The region offers a rich and diverse cultural life.

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