Sofia Ohlsson

A vertical axis wind turbine for private use.

Vertical axes wind turbine has a vertical rotational axis while the traditional turbines rotate around a horizontal axis. The vertical wind turbine is able to generate a current no matter from what angle the wind blows, a major advantage compared to the traditional wind turbines.

The aim of the project was to develop a form solution for a wind turbine that can provide renewal energy to housekeepers. The form of the wind turbine ought to be made with a beautiful outcome based on functionality and with thoughts of the environment where it is going to be placed.

Since the wind turbine is going to be exposed to extreme conditions, which will cause huge amount of strain on the wings, the design needs to be outlined delicately. To prevent fractures, the issue was solved by twisting the wings. This facilitates the strain when the pulsated wind hit the wings. The wind force increases the higher up in the atmosphere therefore the wind turbine is wider at the top, this is due to the fact that you can generate more power, hence giving you better efficiency.

In addition to the generated renewable energy the wind turbine also got another important aspect, its symbolism, which states that the housekeeper shows a commitment for sustainable development.

The project was made in cooperation with Ekosol energi.

Diploma Work 2009_School of Industrial Design Lund University_Sofia Ohlsson

MA degree project 2009


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