School of Industrial Design in Lund

Our industrial design education in a university environment is developed continuously and collaboratively, focusing on all ongoing changes in society, business and research. Rooted in a large campus that encourages a cross-disciplinary approach and professional interaction, you will profit from our strong position in Scandinavia and our international focus alike. You will be able to touch on remote fields of study, benefiting from our large range of other faculties and facilities. We teach you the skills that help you to orientate yourself in the limitless field of design and enable you make the right decisions – communicating your solutions and standing for your results and actions. In projects, workshops, competitions and exhibitions, you will train your hard and soft skills alike. Our partnership with companies, institutions and other universities allows you to develop your creativity and personality – independently and in co-operation with others.

As of 2009, following some discussions, we have decided to change Lund University Industrial Design into Lund University ‘School of Industrial Design’. With that, and our restructuring, our position will be strengthened not only within Lund University but also on a national and international level. In addition, our profile in education and research will be emphasised – a contemporary education within a full faculty university.

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Last updated: 2017-08-03