How to get here

The Ingvar Kamprad Design Centre is located in the city of Lund which is part of the Øresund Region with the Øresund bridge connecting Malmö to Copenhagen and Sweden to the rest of Europe.

In Lund, the Ingvar Kamprad Design Centre is located in the northern part of the campus, on Sölvegatan 26.


How to get to Lund

If you travel to Lund by air there are two airports close to Lund:

Malmö Airport
(Sturup, appr. 25 km south of Lund)
Frequent connections from Stockholm and some regular international flights, eg from London Standsted airport. There is a shuttle bus service from the airport to central Lund, usually in connection with planes from Stockholm. It is also possible to take a taxi from Sturup to Lund but be sure to check the cost of the fare before you get in the taxi.

Copenhagen Airport
(Kastrup, Denmark, appr. 50 min by train to Lund)
Most people travelling to Lund will come this way and continue to Lund via Malmö City. There is a bridge linking Sweden and Denmark, which operates a direct train service to Lund via Malmö. At some departures you may have to change trains in Malmö or move to a different part of the train. The trains typically run every 20-60 minutes, less frequently evenings and weekends. Tickets can only be bought in special vending machines available both at Kastrup and at the Lund train station.

Taxi stop outside of the train station. Most taxis will accept all major credit cards. Prices may vary. Be sure to check the price of the fare before you get in the taxi.


Local transportation

Local bus (green)
Local bus number 6 (towards Linero), bus stop Kårhuset or Lunds Tekniska Högskola or number 20 (towards Brunnshög) called ”Lundalänken”.

Regional bus (yellow)
To Kårhuset LTH you can take bus number 160 (towards Sjöbo), 166 (towards Södra Sandby) or number 169 (towards Brunnshög/Malmö).

From Malmö 
Bus number 170 and 171 (busstop) Lunds Tekniska Högskola.  


By taxi
Ask for IKDC (Ingvar Kamprad Designcentrum) or the street name, Sölvegatan 26.

By foot
Walking distance in time, from the train station in Lund, is approximately 20 minutes.   



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